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Hey All! What's up? This is my web page! I am a 17 year old senior at Adalfo Camarillo High School in Camarillo, CA. I am about 5' 11" and 210 lbs. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair that is currently bleached blond. I enjoy music, (just about any type you can think of) football, singing, reading, (mostly fantasy and sci-fi) writing, (poetry, short stories, and I am working on a novel) computers, computer/cartridge games, pen and paper role-palying games, (especially Vampires:The Masquerade and Shadowrun, but I also play/have played Rifts, AD&D, Star Wars, and Alternity) hanging out with my friends, movies, (STAR WARS RULES!) and many other things I am sure I am forgeting.

9/9/2000: YES! I AM BACK! After a nice, long summer in Boston working for my grandparents, I have returned to update my page! Unfortunetly, while I was gone, the hard drive from my dad's computer crashed, killing all the files I was gana upload, so for the time being, the only real changes are the lack of a school page (I think that it was dumb, dont you?) and the little changes I have made due to a few interesting circumstances. I will update more soon I hope.

6/6/2000: Sorry its been so long since the last update. I have been very busy with the move and finals and I havent had any time to work on my site. Only a small change today. I added a guest poet's page, my Aunt Carole, to my poetry page. It only has one poem for now, but its a good one, so go check it out!

5/19/2000: I got up a page for my MP3s today, but I wont be able to up load any MP3s till I get down to LA cause the movers packed up my computer. I did, however, put Napster, the best program to find MP3, up on the downloads page. Check it out! Oh and I have decided to keep the last four update texts on this page, all other's will go to a archive page. (coming soon)

5/11/2000: I didn't do to much today. Just added this update section and added an "Last Update" date at the bottem of this page. Mrs. Bellard (my Internest teacher) is keeping us busy with frames, and I hate frames so I have nothing new to put up. I did get the mIRC download up and running. It's on the Downloads page.

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